Swimming is a life skill, great exercise, and a challenging sport. Our Y offers swim lessons for all ages, family swim, competitive swimming, and adaptive swim programs for kids with special needs, so everyone can safely enjoy the pleasures of an aquatic environment. Please note, due to capacity limits, swim lessons are open to members only.

Aquatics Programs at the Y include:

  • Swim Lessons
  • Swim Team
  • Lifeguard Courses
  • Water Safety
  • CPR, Oxygen, and AED Certifications

Contact your local branch for more information on our aquatics programs.


For Your Safety Pool Rules

  1. Swimming without a lifeguard on duty is prohibited.
  2. Lifeguards have final authority for all decisions in the Aquatics Center.
  3. Equipment use is at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  4. Wear appropriate swim attire at all times.
  5. Shower before entering the pool.
  6. Running is prohibited in the pool area.
  7. Diving is allowed in water 9 feet deep.
  8. Diving blocks are for swim team/swim lesson use only.
  9. Perform only forward jumps and dives.
  10. Food, gum, and glass containers are prohibited.
  11. Those with bandages, cuts and wounds, rashes, or infectious conditions are not allowed in the pool.
  12. Swim diapers are required for swimmers not potty trained.
  13. Children 12 and younger need direct adult supervision.
  14. Non-swimmers who cannot touch the bottom of the pool must wear a U.S Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  15. Supervising adults must be within arm’s reach of non-swimmers at all times.
  16. Personal swimming aids and flotation devices are prohibited.
  17. Underwater training is prohibited.
  18. Sitting or hanging on lane lines or safety ropes is prohibited.


Swim Test

Individuals who have to take a swim test must complete the following without stopping or pausing:

  • Must be able to swim the length of the pool using front crawl or breast stroke. No backstroke.
  • Must tread water for 1 minute.
  • Must be able to back float for 1 minute.
  • Must be able to exit the pool using the ladder or climbing out under their own power.

If anyone can not complete the following, they will not be permitted to swim in the deep end of the pool. They would have to be in shallow end and could require a life jacket.


Life-Jacket Policy

  • All non-swimmers who cannot stand in the shallow end of the pool must wear a Coast Guard Approved life jacket. Life jackets not permitted in the deep end of the pool.
  • If a child is wearing a life vest, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+) in the water within an arm’s length.
  • Bubbles, Belts, and other IFDs cannot be used as flotation during open swim. These devices are for swimming lessons only.
  • To find out if a flotation device is Coast Guard Approved, check the inside of the device. It will be clearly marked on the device if it is approved. If it is not approved, it cannot be used in the pool.
  • Inflatable Arm Floats (swimmies) and other inflatable devices are not allowed in Capital District YMCA pools.